It’s not too late for you to attend a townhall (or organize one)! Pointers from Organizing For Action:

Our three big takeaways:

  • Ask a pointed, yet respectful, question for your MOC (member of congress). Focus on one issue (health care), fuse with your personal story, and get a commitment from your member of Congress.
  • Execute your town hall with the biggest splash. Get there early; make sure your group is spread out; and don’t wear partisan buttons or bring signs.
  • Use digital tools to amplify your work. As we like to say, “pics or it didn’t happen.” The goal of using social networks during recess is to catch eyes – those of our friends and family, press, and member of Congress. Help us help you do that by taking pictures and tweeting them out using the hashtags #CareNotChaos and #OFAction.

You can review the entire online training by downloading a pdf of the powerpoint. If your member of Congress is not holding a town hall be sure to check out the Congressional Recess toolkit which includes best practices and sample agenda for requesting an office visit with your elected official.

Below are are some resources, tools, and next steps you can take as you prepare your town halls and visits with your members of Congress:

  • Publicize your events on social media using the hashtags #CareNotChaos and #OFAction.
  • Lastly, don’t forget to let us know about your events! Send pictures, videos, and an overview by using our report back form.

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