Honestly, the thought that it’s Blue Diamond’s fault has perked me up; isn’t it weird what helps?


If that big blue bitch is in the building making me second-hand cry I will run up her skirt and bite her behind the knee.

Okay WOW so it is one of those days when for absolutely no discernible reason your brain decides today is the day to keep presenting you with miserable thoughts and predictions of doom and despair and regardless of your having the self-awareness and metacognition to recognise that this is depression talking and try to redirect your thoughts and get on with some useful activity, you still feel like absolute crap. I mean, I’m sitting at my desk typing and repeatedly stopping to dry my eyes, it is ridiculous.



Have you moved your Canary Pearl to tears today?

Airy answers: Yes, but honestly she was asking for it.

Can I just say, not only was I so, so thrilled to have the Pearls acting as stenographer and courtroom sketch artist, it was even better that the one I love the most because she’s so horrible was doing my job.

I can’t believe there are courtroom sketch artists in this fandom

There might be, but not me – I’m a court reporter (formerly known as stenographers).  It looked to me like Yellow Pearl was doing the transcript (my job) and Blue Pearl was drawing the pictures.